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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

On August 15, 2021, 856Love Inc. & Life Worth Living hosted the 2nd Annual Bridgeton Unity Day at Bridgeton City Park in Cumberland County, Bridgeton, New Jersey.

PEACE & LOVE: a true family feel; a “kickback vibe” where nothing kicked off but UNITY in our CommUNITY.

One word: NECESSARY!

After experiencing such a tragic event in May, it was imperative to show the community that we have not lost our essence, greatness nor humanity. We are a dignified people and a community that is working together to heal and provide solutions that best suits our needs in a number of ways. Bridgeton Unity Day is one way these organizations are doing their part!

From bounce houses to “sexy corn” - Live performances and line dancing - face painting and FREE FOOD FOR ALL - It was a safe event and refreshing to witness #856LOVE with NO HATE & NO LIVES LOST.


EPIC ELEVATION hosted a “Pop Up African American 1st in Bridgeton History Trivia.” Years ago, I was rummaging in my gramuva’s home and came across a book, “African American First In the City of Bridgeton New Jersey” by Mike Santiago.

I wondered who else knew about this book? And THE FACTS - HISTORY - HERSTORY - O U R S T O R Y!!! Mind blowing! EMPOWERING! A MUST READ!

“They did not know they were making history. They trusted God, believed in their dreams and now their story is being told.” - Mike Santiago

It was PERFECT to educate and celebrate our greatness with my commUNITY at Bridgeton’s Unity Day! It was a true healing vibe! Most featured images are courtesy of Bridgeton’s Very Own - Albert D Dawkins. More pics are featured below; I was also snapping as I was chatting! LOL. Check it out below!

Peace Fam


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