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Embrace Your Journey

Too often we look to the standards of others to measure our progress and worth without factoring in our personal truths. Or we may allow someone who has yet to find themselves define us. Neither scenario is acceptable because each of us are on this journey individually - what I believe we should do collectively is encourage each other to be the best that we can be each day.

That’s all anyone can expect from us and most importantly, that’s all that we can do.

Reading “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz opened my mind to a more effective way to process life’s happenings. One will develop a keener sense of self awareness, self compassion, self acceptance, and self motivation amongst other discoveries of self. Each agreement is a revelation however I believe that the most fitting to aid when one feels overwhelmed or uncertain would be- ‘Always Do Your Best.’

“If you just do your best, there is no way you can judge yourself. And if you don’t judge yourself there is no way you are going to suffer from guilt, blame, and self-punishment.” — Don Miguel Ruiz
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