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#GlowCon2022 - Millionaire Boss Conference & Gala

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

On July 30th, 2022 -

Love lifted … Wisdom took us higher. If “Secure The Bag” was an ENERGY, we definitely tapped in with Tyra Brown and LaToya Askew-Dover, founders of G.L.O.W at #GlowCon2022 - Millionaire Boss Conference & Gala in West Philadelphia, PA.


& new #BusinessBesties! Vendors | Good Eats | DJ DIOR CARTEL & DJ RICOCHET !ENERGY! Awards | VIP | Networking | Giveaways | Resources & all the BOSS ladies in the place & grace ! WOMEN EMPOWERMENT | BLACK GIRL MAGIC | ! #EpicIndeed !

It's true - an essential element & anticipated guest was missing - there was an elephant in the room but HEAVY PRESSURE was applied nonetheless. SISTERHOOD was a recurring theme for the event. LOVE came in the forms of encouragement, understanding, intention ... in spite of & that (LOVE) I valued most. There was a lesson in it all! So, let’s get into the gems dropped, shall we?!

Topics ranged from determining your business structure to soliciting investors; tax preparation to trademark law; business credit to customer service; email automation to mindset transformation and then some! Each speaker's epic - each story was one of passion & purpose which triumphed over ALL THINGS set against them. From low self esteem & suicidal thoughts to shady business partners - these women have overcome it all with GREAT SUCCESS! Resilience & PURE GENIUS - if I say so myself- were key in propelling these ladies to high heights. Many thankhs to all for sharing key information to educate and empower those in attendance.

- Workshop Facilitators -

- Guest Speakers -

- Host & Moderators -

- Keynote Speaker -

Nakea M. of V-TOX stated, "What you are witnessing is history in the making... the work... the dedication... the tears... to make this happen... I need you to know that." I felt that! & I deeply feel that those who set their intention to OPEN THE VAULT and release an abundance of wealth in their lives will do so & so it is.

#GlowCon2022 was an event for the books - BIG BUSINESS & NOTHING LESS! Get into the pics I captured throughout the day. Oh - The Millionaire Boss Dinner & Gala - ENERGY! I don't have many pics of the festivities beyond The Bunch of Bosses Panel because I was busy on the dance floor! lol but ya'll knew that!! I leave you with this ... Green resonates with love, life and prosperity - Tap In #LetsGoHigher ... #ISpy

If you missed this event, do yourself a favor and don't miss another! Safe Space to Boss Up; Thankh You G.L.O.W! Super shout out to everyone who aided in making this event a SUCCESS! & Shout out to the MUVAS!!! I loved to see ALL of the Queens in attendance handling business especially those who graced our space with their little ones. The Young Royals were in the building & that was POWERFUL to see! Motivation! Dedication! Legacy! So much love to all!

Until next time...

Peace Fam

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1 Comment

This was beautiful and powerful. All good vibes, queens and boss mentality.

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