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JUNETEENTH: Still Fighting For Freedom

On June 19, 2021, Tri City HOPE: Helping Other People Everyday, an organization serving Cumberland County, New Jersey, partnered with local organizations, community organizers, small businesses, law enforcement, community leaders and members to bring forth an epic event in honor of the emancipation of African American Slaves in the United States- Juneteenth. This event has been celebrated widely since 1865, unbeknownst to many; However, Juneteenth 2021 was one for the books & I think the world knows!!!

President Joe Biden signed a bill establishing Juneteenth National Independence Day as a federal holiday; NOW I KNOW - many are not impressed. I hear you, I do however, I feel this bill is important because this action translates into a sense of accountability AND declares a state of emergency for more work MUST BE DONE! The law of cause and effect is definitely in effect here; A holiday does not heal. I am grateful for the acknowledgement; Now that we have identified a cause (one of many) ... let's not spare the TRUE cure.

Kudos to you Mr. President for putting some RESPECT on it though!!!!

Check out a few pics I captured! The Epic Elevation Booth was EVERYTHING; We had a ball!! It was a true honor to build with all of you! Also find images captured throughout the day by one of Cumberland County NJ's best event photographers -

Mr. Albert Dawkins below!

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