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Key To The City: Markquese Bell

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

On September 3rd, 2022 - Southeast Gateway Neighborhood & The Great City of Bridgeton hosted Unity Day/ Markquese Bell Day Parade. It was a day of celebrations, recognition and attractions! The ENERGY was LOVE & there was an OVERFLOW!!!

Bridgeton Unity Day | Markquese Bell Day PARADE: There was no better time to come together as ONE to formally honor Bell's accomplishments and advancement from a former Star of BMLF & Bridgeton Bulldog #1 to College Park, Maryland to Coffeyville, Kansas to FAMU Rattler #5 to the NFL as a Dallas Cowboy #41; Bell's story - his epic is one of fortitude, focus, trials, tenacity and TRIUMPH. The WORLD literally watched him EARN his placement on the 53 Man roster but his backstory is most inspiring to me! Markquese Bell is #EPICINDEED! He mainly attributes his success to his grandmother and is devoted to her; Check out the trailer below where he states, "I want to make her life easy as possible ... to provide for her like she did for me.. feels like I'm playing for something bigger"

Thankh GOD for Grandmothers!!! Thankh God for all forms of SUPPORT especially when faced with adversity from internal and external factors starting at a young age. Bell is no stranger to adversity; According to census, 33.8% of residents from Bell's hometown live below poverty line

  • more than double the rate in Cumberland County: 16% 22,159

  • more than double the rate in New Jersey: 9.7% 842,704


Poverty leads to homelessness, malnutrition and food insecurity, inadequate childcare, subpar health care, unsafe neighborhoods, substance abuse, crime, mental health issues, underresourced schools and broken families which undoubtedly negatively affects the community, more so our most vulnerable population - children. Bell was able to beat the odds ... again and again and again!!! So again THANKH GOD for grandmothers, particularly in Bell's story, Thank God for Pauline Bennett!!! Bell has positioned himself for EPIC WINS and the destiny of a STAR! BELL DAY; Bridgeton showed UP for Bell!!! One of the most touching moments was witnessing Bell display his love, respect and gratitude for his grandmother with yellow roses; It was beautiful to see.

Recognized by many including his pastor, Rev. Jauzell Dozier of St. Phillips Missionary Baptist Church, Bridgeton, NJ and a most notable award - Mayor Albert Kelly bestowed A KEY TO THE CITY to Bell - well deserved!

Bridgeton, NJ Native & Former Star for Vineland Fighting Clan & Rutgers Univ. now Kansas City Chiefs' Running Back, Isaiah Pacheco made a special appearance to show love with his mother by his side. Mentors, Former Coaches and the like spoke on the GREATNESS of the young king and spoke life and great fortune into his future. I overheard someone call Bell, "The Hood Hope" - I couldn't agree more!!! AGAINST ALL ODDS ... KEEP GOING... WIN! - That's the ENERGY that Bell exerts! Pop as well! The community needed to SEE & FEEL THAT! Their accomplishments show that there IS light - or in Bell's case .. A STAR - at the end of the tunnel ... you just have to stay focused and play for keeps!

Bridgeton Unity Day | BELL DAY was one for the BOOKS! I was truly overwhelmed, and I loved EVERY MOMENT OF IT! Thankh you to everyone who supported this event in any capacity; The investment will return tenfold. Let us continue to empower one another and honor the Greatness in the Great City of Bridgeton, NJ.

It was a vibe at Bridgeton Park #EpicElevationLIVE #iSPY