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STRONGER TOGETHER: Unity Day Summer Fest 2021

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

On August 7, 2021, Project Inspir8tion and CCUDC hosted “Unity Day Community Strong Walk & Summer Fest” ...

There were a host of events - car show, Robotics demonstration, Community Service Awards, Academic & Athletic Excellence Recognition Ceremony, bounce house; face painting; dunk tank; basketball tournament; kick ball; spoken word by Poet Loschil; Shiloh Baptist Church Gospel Choir; live entertainment for children and adults; free food, beverages & ice cream; COMMUNITY RESOURCES; Good Music; Great Vibes and MUCH LOVE in the atmosphere. This is the 2nd Annual Unity Day Summer Fest hosted by Project Inspir8tion however, now more than ever, there has been a strong pull to commit to solidarity and the uplifting of community particularly by addressing the senseless acts of violence committed against our loved ones time and time again- so this year, the organization did something different - something they felt was beyond necessary and would indeed inspire the community to unify.

Project Inspir8tion & The Cumberland County Unity Day Committee heard the call to action and decided to bring awareness to this issue by hosting the “Community Strong Walk” to honor Brailyn Holmes, Asia Hester and Jasayde Holder - three young lives taken due to gun violence in Cumberland County, New Jersey. The strength and love emitted from the family and loved ones of #SAYDEBUG moved the crowd as they participated in the day’s activities; May all affected by senseless acts of gun violence - ALL VIOLENCE - be granted peace, grace, mercy, strength, love and light as we see our ways through & aid each other as best we can as we adhere to the law of divine oneness.

Standing at Vineland City Hall, Tracey Wells Huggins boldly declared, “WE ARE ONE!” as she spoke on the current tragic events that the community has endured; She demanded that we hold each other ACCOUNTABLE! The Community Strong Walk commenced ending with a touching balloon release at the head of Landis Park & The 2nd Annual Unity Day Summer Fest began.

Pastor James Dunkins encouraged all to remember and to act as if we are each other’s keepers. The crowd chanted in unison, “I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER!”

The energy exchange was POWERFUL! I was honored to speak and encourage all to “BUILD. HEAL. ELEVATE” - to take back our power, to allow LOVE to overpower HATE! MORE LIFE to the Movement! MORE UNITY in the CommUNITY! Yesterday was EPIC! Check out a snippet of our community strong build; Again, it was such an honor to speak and serve on the CCUDC especially on OUR ANNIVERSARY!!!

Yes - EPIC ELEVATION launched with our podcast, Epic Elevation w/LoveAshLight on The CookUp Radio on 8/7/2020 & we have been ELEVATING since! THANKHFUL is an understatement! The LOVE is real and appreciated!

Pics from EPIC ELEVATION booth & MORE are below courtesy of members from CCUDC and OUR community! Thankhs for loving on me while I was loving on y’all! Most important, It was beautiful to see the community committing to unify and elevate; the goal is to grow and truly create unity in our community. Let’s Go Higher! #STRONGERTOGETHER

Peace Fam


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