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The Art of Poncho

“The Forgotten Journey” by Larry Poncho Brown - a reinterpretation of a popular piece... Never forget the journey.

ART is LIFE! So much so, I am inspired by the mere existence of Source Energy whether that’s watching ants gather for the next season or admiring Master Artists create and share their essence with the world.  Larry “Poncho” Brown is one of those master artists that I look to for inspiration.  I had the honor of speaking with Poncho at an Art Festival currated by Sylvia “Gbaby” Philips in Atlanta, Ga at  Underground Atlanta. I asked for his advice as to how I can master my art and become the best version of myself; He responded, “Block out the white noise.”  As we spoke more in-depth, he explained that I needed to focus and take the necessary steps but the main thing I was to do was STAY FOCUSED! & that I am. Thank you Poncho!

Larry “Poncho” Brown - Photo taken by Kirth Bobb

Larry “Poncho” Brown, is a native of Baltimore, MD. He started his first business at the age of 17 as a signwriter and he has been a full time artist ever since. Poncho received his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in graphic design and photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD. His art, both fine and commercial, has been published nationally in Upscale, Ebony, Ebony Man, Essence, and Jet magazines. His art is featured in the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History book entitled “Wrapped In Pride” and “Connecting People With Art”. His popular works have been prominently featured on several TV shows including “A Different World”, “In The House”, “The Wire”, “The Carmichael Show”, “Star”, and “Greenleaf”. Movies featuring his art include “Avalon”, “He Said, She Said”, and “Soulfood”. His work adorns the walls of the likes of Camille Cosby, Dick Gregory, Anita Baker, Susan Taylor, Ed Gordon and Bernard Bronner just to name a few. His original works are in the corporate and institutional collections of Coppin State University, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, the District of Columbia Superior Courts, the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at Virginia Commonwealth University, Howard University Hospital, and Yale New Haven Health Park Avenue Medical Center.

"The Light" by Larry Poncho Brown

Admirers often site rhythm, movement, and unity, as favorite elements in his work. He primarily works in acrylic, although he uses a variety of mediums and styles to express his interests in Afrocentric themes, Ancient Egyptology and dance. Poncho’s unique style combines past and present art stylizations to create a sense of realism, mysticism, and beauty, which gives his art universal appeal. 

“My creations are a reflection of my personal values and pay homage to ongoing themes of unity, family, and spirituality”-Larry Poncho Brown

Peace Fam.

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