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#BWNJ | Black Women New Jersey

New Jersey - Sisterhood by definition is:

1. the relationship between sisters. 2. an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, religion, or trade.

Sisterhood in fruition is BLACK WOMEN NEW JERSEY.

“Strength in Unity, Power in Connection”

It all started from a strong desire to be a part of an online community of black women ...

“for fun, for fellowship, for friends and for real and meaningful connections with other Black women in the state” - Shanique Taliaferro, BWNJ, Founder

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The goal of the community is to shine a positive light on black women through events, community, culture and business support in NJ and beyond.

The ladies of BWNJ are truly #EpicIndeed;

The online community has 8k members;  Many rushed to the group after a BWNJ beach meetup in Long Branch, NJ went viral this past July; 100 Black Women - Melanin Activated ! I LOVE TO SEE IT !

The first event that I attended, “Bowling with a Purpose - Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence Awareness” was such a beautiful vibe and right on time for my birthday!

BWNJ hosted 3 Bowling events to connect women in North, Central and South Jersey.

Definitely a great way to bring in my new year - building with great people for a great cause.

As a DV survivor, the love shared on that evening was beyond necessary as is this monumental movement.

There’s never a dull moment in BWNJ Facebook group & WE MEAN BUSINESS!

The group offers free to low cost events virtually and in person, a business directory, networking opportunities, empowering community and good laughs constantly.

BWNJ North Jersey recently viewed an early screening of ‘THE COLOR PURPLE’ - 300 black women together making HerSTORY celebrating Black Excellence! #EpicIndeed ! BWNJ South Jersey is up next - I’m beyond excited!!!

Visit the site to learn more about BWNJ and upcoming events ....

“Join us on this journey of celebration, education, and empowerment as we build bridges, break barriers, and create a powerful online sisterhood” (

Check out pics from Bowling With A Purpose: Breast Cancer/Domestic Violence Awareness

Until next time…

Peace Fam

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