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From Me to You: An Ode to HOV

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Known as a “King of New York” - Knighted Sir Hova of Brooklyn …

The new Sinatra - one could say Emperor of the Empire State. Undoubtedly, The Blueprint.

“a page turner, sage burner, Santeria Chongón, December baby … Saint Hov”

a healer in a sense, shamanic in my eyes …

“I wish you insight so you can see for yourself”

Shawn Corey Carter’s evolution has truly positioned him on “The Throne” - leaving a powerful and impressive impact on The Culture. An Epic of Revolutionary Resiliency …

“That’s how you rinse it”

I could literally write a “Book of Hov” revolving around Jay’s work and how it has motivated me but instead, I’ll share a poem I wrote the day before I visited the exhibit.

“I cried today.

I cried because I’m going to New York to see The Book of Hov exhibit. It took A LOT for me to be able to do so. This trip means more than I even know at this moment but I feel such a massive impact already. I need THIS!

Lately, I’ve been feeling restricted in a sense … my voice… my expression … thwarted … no … refinement.

“Allow me to reintroduce myself …"

I haven’t journaled in quite some time and it pains me … writing is a part of my process - both creative and healing - for me, I’m aware that there’s not one without the other.

There’s healing in your creativity.

So even as I experienced “writer’s block” … there was no barrier to my creativity. As if in “The Stu”, today I began to “lay” the idioms that have been imprinted on my heart and mind. In true Hov fashion, I push pass “wanting” “yearning” and “I D O

Must write my story - tell my epic - “Legacy, Legacy, Legacy, Legacy”

“Soon you’ll understand”

Shout out to Hov for being my muse; One day I’ll share why “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) resonated deeply for me as a young girl, my experience when I promoted The Blueprint 3 as an intern for Atlantic Records/TKE while studying at Morgan State University or how I incorporated Jigga Man into my curriculum when I served as a treatment counselor at a rehabilitation/halfway house. YES! I was giving folk “The Blueprint” behind the wall - ask about me! ... SO AMBITIOUS

It’s The Roc! Lol

Seriously, a pioneer of the game such as JAY - Z has paved the way in more ways than one - he's undeniably #EpicIndeed !!!

“Who you know fresher than Hov? Riddle me that”

Until Next Time

Peace Fam

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