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The Book of HOV

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Brooklyn, NY - The Book of HOV: A TRIBUTE

"The Book of HOV, an installation created by Roc Nation to celebrate the life and work of Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter. One of Brooklyn's most influential figures, JAY-Z has shaped and consistently redefined hip-hop, music and culture on a global scale. The Book of HOV features never-before-seen images, art and ephemera from the artist's archives, providing an unparalleled look at an extraordinary life and career.' - Brooklyn Public Library

! E N E R G Y ! I was moved by the “oneness” felt as all in attendance marveled at the masterpiece - a discographic visual - an immersive, telling experience of Black Excellence.

Shawn Corey Carter is a Hip Hop Icon, Mogul, Civil Rights Champion, Barrier Breaker for himself, his family/associates and ultimately, The Culture.

In this 50th year of Hip Hop, JAY Z is a BILLIONAIRE BUSINESS, MAN !!!

“Can’t Knock The Hustle”

From a broken home in The Marcy Projects with the Pyrex to rubbing elbows with World Leaders …

I wrote an Ode to HOV but it goes without saying - HOV DID THAT!!! #EpicIndeed

I’ll let the pictures give you a mere glimpse of greatness.

Until next time...

Peace Fam

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