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BInspired: Yacht Conference

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Philadelphia, PA - It was opening week | Fourth Quarter 2022 - Mrs. Tiffany Harris hosted a Yacht Conference | Networking Affair that was impactful to say the least.

(After reflecting later that evening, I cried y'all!!! )

As a self-mastery strategist, I know when I'm surrounded by like minds. Those who desire to evolve and elevate - The Dreamers & The Doers | The ENERGY is FELT!

An intimate affair packed with information, resources and OPPORTUNITIES to propel one's life forward - You simply had to be there!!

It was a true honor to share my story and strategies for "Epic Elevation"; To speak on a panel and build with such powerhouse speakers was nothing short of amazing.

Meet The Host:

Mindset Coach | Speaker : Empowering women to transform the way their mind is set so they can live the most rewarding life they were born to live!

Meet The Speakers:

Inspirational Speaker | Journal Author Reminding You of YOUR POWER #WinningSeason

Mom | Speaker | RN |

Entrepreneur | The Plug Helping MOMTREPRENEURs make Mommy, Money & Mindset Moves

Lori Crosby Manifestation Coach | Global Speaker | Author

"I Help Spiritual Entrepreneurs Manifest & Clients with Their Dream Business"

KabirsMuva | Healing Artist | Self-Mastery Strategist | Edutainer | Social Change Advocate Mentor | Project Manager

"I aid in one's elevation of life by way of the healing arts and other proven methodologies. Let's Go Higher!"


Iron sharpens Iron and so each speaker - including VIP guests who were able to share during the event - ROCKED THE YACHT! POWERFUL stories and meaningful conversations took place. I enjoyed spoken word artist - Markel Brinson! The discussion panel & networking hour was informative and necessary! There was a reoccurring theme of staying connected in your flow - building - expanding - ELEVATING with those who are in alignment. Oh, Did I mention the Good Eats & swag bags for all in attendance?! The night was #EpicIndeed !!!

Special thanks to A.M.A Depictions for capturing such beautiful moments;

Check out event pictures below:

B Inspired!!!

Until next time...

Peace Fam

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